How long will the 2C Solar Light Cap operate?

Over 12 hours using variable dimmer setting. (Press and hold button)
Over 3 hours hours on full power setting. ( Single press button Easy On/Off)
4-8 hours on full power SOS mode ( Double click button for flashing modes )

The 2C Solar Light Cap uses pulse width modulated control of its ultra bright LEDs to provide even light output over its operational time. The length of full brightness operation is approximately two thirds of its full runtime. Average operational runtimes  under various charging conditions are graphed to the right (not including powersave reserve).

Please note : Estimating the charge differs under different light and battery conditions. The above estimates are based on a full sun day starting with a flat battery. The speed of re-charging depends on the environmental conditions and amount of charge left in the battery.
Conditions affecting charging efficiency include: Particulates in the air, brightness of sun affected by latitude, altitude, and seasonal variation, battery initial state of charge and condition, and temperature.


How should I care for the batteries?

The 2C Solar Light Cap uses quality LiIon button cell batteries which are sealed inside the 2C Solar light module. These are automatically charged by the solar panel while you wear it.  With careful use they will outlast the cap material and provide light for many years.  Our customer's report that their 2C Solar Light Caps continue to make light for over 3 years. 

For best performance, please follow these precautions:

For best performance, please do not leave your cap continuously charging.  If not being worn, store in a position which receives some light each day to maintain ready state. fully charge cycle the internal batteries every three months of use.

Prolonged Storage

Please note, as with all battery powered devices, prolonged storage without an initial charge is not advised.  Before storing for 3 months or more, please charge your 2C Solar Light cap in the sun.  After one year, please remove from storage and charge again.

You may download the 2C Battery Care Guide here.

    batteries1The 2C Solar Light Cap can save the need to purchase over 300 batteries in its lifetime, compared to disposable battery devices.  This is a big financial saving for you and a big reduction on pollution.  Thank you for making your purchase to help save the planet from unnecessary pollution.

How does the 2C Solar Light Cap work?

The 2C Solar Light Cap is easy to use because you simply wear it by day for sun protection like a regular cap - all the time the 2C Solar Light Cap’s batteries are being charged by the sun. Then, when you need light, simply press the button! You can control the mode and brightness of the light to suit your task. The fully charged light will supply from 2 to 4 hours of light on the high setting. On low, the 2C Solar Light Cap operates all night.

How does the 2C Light manage to generate and store enough power to give me free light every night?

Technically speaking, the 2C Solar Light Cap uses a micro processor controlled charging and discharging system that provides pulse width modulation to control the light brightness and provides multifunction options.  This allows consistent light brightness as the battery discharges and saves power when using the dimmer or pattern controls. The wearer can extend the life of the battery through the night, and the 2C provides a truly wearable solar powered light that works !

Can I charge my 2C Solar Light Cap using inside room lights?

Please see the comparison opposite.

The human eye is very sensitive and makes room lights seem as bright as the sun.  But actually there is only 0.2% light energy in a standard room light.



How do I operate the 2C Solar Light Cap?

The 2C Solar Light Cap has one button, so it is easy to operate:

Button press


Press once

Light on

Press once

Light off

Double click

Change to next flashing mode

Press and hold

2C Boost(tm) followed by Variable dimmer control

We are very proud of this innovation, and we think you will enjoy the intuitive control.   (c) 2006 2CLight Company Limited


2CLight One Button ControlVisual representation of the unique one-button control


How do I charge the 2C Solar Light Cap?

Simply wear it outside in daylight. Clear sunshine works best.
Or alternatively leave it in a window so it can charge from the sun
Direct sun is best.
Or leave it in a window with the solar panel directed towards the sun.


2C1-SimonBoatSimon Dyer, founder

How does the powersave reserve work?

2C Light products are designed with the user in mind, as essential survival safety gear for adventure. The 2C Solar Light Cap turns off before the battery drains completely, so you always have a little in reserve. Then, it provides short bursts of light with every press of the button until the power is exhausted, or you may dim it to extend the reserve supply. ( Press and hold when you turn it on )

What is the 2C Light?

It is a fully functional and very practical headlamp integrated into a fashionable cap

How long will it hold the charge?

For over six months. 
Battery self-dissipation is approximately 6% per month.  For long periods of storage we recommend fully charging before storage.

You may download the 2C Battery Care Guide here.

Can I read with it?Sera_Reading_2CSLC-261

Yes, easily. We recommend using the variable dimmer to select a power setting to suit your needs. ( Press and hold )

Is the light annoying shining into other peoples eyes?

No, the 2C Light is a social light – the downward angled beam provides the wearer with a flattering glow on their face and it has a unique press and hold dimmer control.

Can I walk with this / What is the light range ?

Yes the 2C Solar Light Cap has a downward angle which shines about two meters forward with a single bright wide beam.

You may adjust the angle of the beam by tilting the cap up or down. In a dark place the beam penetrates over 10 meters.

Do the bulbs have to be replaced?

No, they have an expected life of over 100,000 hours, or approximately 50x the warranty period.
Note that there are some products on the market that ‘overrun’ their LEDs subjecting them to excessive voltage to appear bright and significantly reduce the life of the bulb.  2C Light is carefully engineered to ensure trouble free use.

How long will the product last for?

2C Light uses the highest quality components and comes with a one year manufacturers warranty on parts and labor. The electronics will operate for years to come.  The batteries are engineered to provide 80% of their capacity for an estimated 3 years or more.  The LEDs will last for over 100,000 hours of use. The plastic is made from polycarbonate  - this protects the plastic from the sun whilst providing minimal impact on the environment. Some discoloration of the plastic may occur with prolonged exposure. The solar light module will most likely outlast the cap portion.  Some colour fading of cap will occur, especially if left in sunshine for prolonged periods. See also Battery Care document for best practices.

Why is it called 2C ?

There are two ways to see – see and be seen. Also having light integrated subtly into your clothing will means you will have the confidence of  a light ‘to see’.

Is it waterproof / can I wash it / Does it float?

The 2C Solar Light Cap Electronics sealing is rated to IP66 industrial standard. This means which means you can send 100 litres of water per minute onto its solar light module, bigger than any storm we can imagine, but please only short duration immersion, and hand wash under running water only. It floats for awhile. Machine washing or submersion will void warranty.

Is the 2C Solar Light Cap cap comfortable?

3 years of research and development went into the 2C design to ensure a comfortable weight and fit, with an optimum power to weight ratio.  This means it cannot be all lights to all people, but it can be a light that is lightweight enough to be wearable and therefore always with you and efficient enough to be always ready for those times when you unexpectedly need a light !

What is SOS?

SOS is an internationally recognized rescue signal using Morse Code. The 2C Solar Light Cap includes an accurately timed Morse Code SOS signal which repeats indefinitely and uses less power than normal full power use.  If you are in need to sending a signal to an overhead rescue helicopter, engage the Morse code using two sets of double clicks.  You will see a pattern repeated thus . . . - - - . . .      . . . - - - . . .
This is referred to as dit dit dit dah dah dah dit dit dit. See Morse Code

To increase the chance of being seen by the rescue helicopter, direct the LED beam straight at the pilot.  They will see this over 1 kilometer away.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2C Solar Light Caps


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