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Steve Gurney and team - wind and solar powered Sahara expedition 


Steve Gurney models his 2C SLC750 Solar Light Cap


Three records to make, whilst racing two teams - Australia versus New Zealand

Steve had this to say when he met up with his team in London just prior to heading for the Sahara:

2C hats have gone down an absolute treat!!!!

The whole crew are in raptures over them!

And perfect for this trip.”


The 2C SLC 750 is made from a special material with the properties of high water wicking ( not needed for the Sahara!), SPF50+ and breathable - and by generating power by day for their lighting needs at night, the style is perfectly suited to the conditions.  The peak of the 2C Solar Light Cap is IP66 rated, so 100% dust proof - great for the wear and tear of the sandy conditions.

Amongst his many accolades, Steve Gurney won the New Zealand coast to coast 9 times by fitness, strength of will, and a desire to push new technologies.
Read the team’s daily blog here: www.MadWaySouth.com

Review by Valery Shanin

Author of popular travel-guide books,  holder of " RU BACKPACKER " magazine

Your Cap with light I had to use every day, both during a day and during a night.
 I would not manage to be without it, especially in the tropical forests. It's getting dark early here and people are in the economy in part of electricity. Roads are not good and without lighting I could broke my legs any moment.
It is also a common situation, when you go somewhere for an hour and have to stay at some interesting  place till the late evening. Within a moment it is dark around!

When I was biking in Bagana (Miyanma) around the ancients ruins I have been caught by darkness unawares and could find a way to the hotel only thanks to your Cap.

One day in Indonesia, I could even get the savings for 2 dollars! It was necessary to start climbing to observation place on volcano Bromo (Yava Island) at 2 am. It was quite difficult to be without lighting. Local "businessman" was offering the lights for 3 hours rent at $2.

Without any doubts I will be recommending your Cap to everybody. It is very suitable, efficient, comfortable and even economical product.

ShaninThailand3 - Click for large image

Nomadic Planet - Land In The Sky Project

Nomadic Planet is a photographic company specializing in the creation of bodies of work for book publications

In our current project, “Land In the Sky”, we aim to use photography to cultivate an understanding of the symbiosis between people and place by producing a unique photography book that observes the dynamic between the physical environment and the cultures that reside within in the Himalaya range.

This project integrates two distinct disciplines from within the photography realm. Paul Daly, a landscape specialist, and , a social documentarist, have joined forces to try and communicate this primal relationship between the land and those who live on it. Each photographer uses their knowledge and talent in their particular field to bring out different aspects of the same location, creating a strong, emotional and evocative look at a place and its people.

“ Traveling for work, as we at Nomadic planet do, requires a lot of preparation and a high dependency on reliable gear. Having personal light is essential to us as we start our days well before sunrise and finish in the dark. In places like Nepal even the capital, Kathmandu, had power shortages every single night! In some of the smaller settlement electricity is very scarce indeed.

2C Solar Light Caps met our need for hands free light and the freedom from reliance on batteries (both as an environmental stand and in order to obviate the issue of accessibility). “The Caps’” bright light saved us from falling into gutters in the cities and off cliffs in the countryside quite a few times. Their durability was tested with rain, dust, falls and wind. They still work each time we press the button. But the most notable quality is the solar recharge. For us, it means one less issue to deal with as recharging or looking for replacement batteries takes us from our core business of capturing images.

All these qualities became so important in our last visit to the Himalayas as we were getting used to new photographic gear and places we had never visited before. Knowing that we had a secure source of light, and therefore one less thing to think about, was a great relief when working in a foreign environment.  “ Giora Dan, Nomadic Planet



Holly Robertshaw - adventurer

I received my 2C Siolar Light Cap as a Christmas present. Its first mission was to come kayaking with me for 4 days around Abel Tasman over the new year. I was a bit worried about the salt spray affecting the light but I didn't need to. It was fantastic as a cap during the day and was the only light I took with me for the whole trip. It charged up during the kayaking and then at night I used it to see what I was cooking and eating for dinner and it was great for finding the way to the loo from my tent in the middle of the night. It was also a great talking point at some of the busier campsites where other campers were very impressed.

A few days later my cap and I walked the St James Walkway in the Lewis Pass. I wore the cap during the day, even in light showers and at night I used it again 2C what I was making for dinner and to read about the next day's journey. I was impressed that it seemed to be just as bright when I turned it on in the early hours of the morning as it was when it was just getting dark.

The 2C Light also came with me on the Kepler track a 4 day tramp near Te Anau. Aside from the way I had already been using it the cap came on a small caving excursion close to the hut on night one of the tramp. The light from the cap was enough for me to explore the cave with 4 other friends who had hand-held torches. I had the benefit of having both hands free to clamber around the cave and not worry about my torch.

Next week I am starting my OE to the UK and the 2C-Light is one of the "essentials" for my pack. It is great in the day time to keep the sun off my face and hair tied back, I am finding new uses for it at night all the time and it is a great talking point to meet people.


KristinaAnglem-MEDKristina Anglem nee Stroud-Penny
MultiSport Champion

"The 2C is a great tool for adventure racing support crews and it keeps you visible during night time training sessions"


Bruce-MEDBruce and Lorraine Smith, Thames, New Zealand

I was moving stock and it got a bit late & my 2C hat saved the day! I was able to get home safely without tripping over anything on the race!


ScottTracyTracey McKenzie and Scott Venrooy - enviromentalist lifestylers

Great for bushwacking to the longdrop! Great for reading in bed. Great for spontaneous dance parties in  the bush. Also great for entertaining teething baby!

Checked feverish baby in middle of night for chickenpox. Cautiously checked for wild pigs in garden. Scampered around looking for rouge mice and circadas in hut. Set up bush shower in the dark. The 2C Light never saved us from becoming lost, but one night the batteries went flat on the TV just before “Lost” ( we are addicted) so we performed an emergency battery changeover operation, aided by the 2C Light. So I guess you could say your product helped us get lost !!!


“Recently, we called into a friends to drop off of our dog for a weekend while we went away. It was night, and as I went to go out to the car to get the rest of the dog supplies, my friend said "Wait a second, I have a present for you". Knowing I was a bit of a "Hattie", with quite a collection, he had bought me one of your hats. I had never heard of them. So, the first time I had the cap on, I used it. It's been the start of a very happy relationship! In all honesty, my wife and I can't remember a day when I have worn it and NOT used the lights at least once. I have found it especially useful for my quick trips to the supermarket on my electric bicycle, in these dark winter evenings, as well as trips to the woodshed. I often work nights around horse races so it's been a hit there as well. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of it.

It looks like the rest of my hat collection is only going to gather dust from now on. I'm buying one for my father, a trout fishing guide and keen duck hunter. “

Cheers, Nigel and Lee  Rangiora

"A truly wearable solar powered bright idea! "

Hi, just wanted to tell you that I bought my husband one of your hats for Christmas and he loves it.
He has just been on a 5 days trip hunting and fishing around Dusky sounds with some of his mates and their sons, 12 in all, and he took his hat with him, everyone wanted to know where he got it from as they thought it was awesome He uses his for everything and as he's an early morning walker in the hills behind Blenheim each day
he finds it great as he doesn't have to carry a torch with him.
Great and intelligent invention I may add.

      Thanks                 Shirley Chesmar

Subject: Solar powered hats
Hi guys,

I keep meaning to write and let you know we ALL bought solar powered hats after meeting you at Mt Arthur Hut! The website you gave us was correct and we found that there was a retail outlet in Nelson where we could pick them up, so we took 4 home to Dunedin. I believe Peter was planning to order the box of 10 hats from the website, having as many children and friends as he does. They are a great hit!

It was nice to meet you out in the wilderness,

Happy tramping,

Susie, Peter, Ciaran, Gus, Jed, Louis, Romany and Eden


Hi there,

What a great cap and idea! I just came across it tonight while on the net. Brilliant!

The idea of having the cap in use, and charging, during the day with a built-in emergency light for no real additional weight when on day tramps and the odd bit of exploring (look up geocaching ;-) is excellent to say the least. Nicely discreet lights to avoid the overly-geek aspect is very well done.


Gerard H

I'm a retired Appliance Serviceman, who spent 50 years groping around in the dark behind Refrigerators and washing machines.
What I would have given for one of your hats !!!
Good luck with your business. I only wish I had a bundle to invest with you.




I’m a kiwi Expat Engineer working in Scotland and stumbled across your website. What an awesome idea…and much more styley than the ‘dickhead lamps’ I end up having to use for breakdowns in the middle of the night.

Congratulations on developing a fantastic product and I wish you every success.




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Click to view photosHi again
Just thought I'd attach some photos of the hats, which were in continual use on the last tramp - from cooking, to playing cards at night, to tramping...

“I think this light-in-a-hat is bloody brilliant!”

....“I have to say, I love it! This hat is just awesome...soooo much easier than having a pocket torch or anything.” “...Personally, I think any trout fisherman who does not get one of these is going to be missing out...” “....having a totally hands free light to help launch boats, tie knots, choose flies, see fish for netting etc, well, how can you not want one?”

Stu Cawker/
Captain Asparagus - Full review here :   www.fishing.net.nz

The caps have a really slick molded plastic peak that houses the liteweight solar panel, dual LED’s and multi-function switch. It’s a clever bit of design, engineering and packaging”.

Rod Drury - XERO

"Dear All
Without doubt your cap that I bought when I was at NZ Boatshow AKL has been a godsend I have used it in so many places from a powercut to night fishing. I tend to wear it most of the time and that ensures a "full charge". Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work.
Regards William"

“My husband and I often fish at night, but I don’t like to take my fish off the hook, so now I can use the flashing mode to attract my husband to come over and help me when I get a catch at night !   ”   Hazel

Dear 2C people!

I spoke with someone at 2C recently – I’ve now bought 3 caps as I think they are simply superb – they are an example of one of those outstanding inventions that are simple in concept and sophisticated in design. I am a trout fisherman and the cap is so convenient when fishing early morning or at night – the light, when required, is only a switch away – no clip on lights needed that get tangled up with lines and rods. Hands free!

A friend has now bought one after seeing mine.

My jetski broke down just as it was getting dark, I swam back to land, got my 2C Solar Cap light , swam back and was able to fix it ! Jerry, Northland

Julian visiting Orangutan Foundation International

Just to let you know that that cap I bought off you is still working fine! It's been in the jungles of Kalimantan, where the only other light source were from fire flies - boy, did they get confused with the flashing LEDs!

Cheers,  Julian (currently in Jakarta)


Stu Cawker and Bill Hohepa - New Zealands fishing experts
Air New Zealand Inflight Magazine Jan 09, thouroughly recommends...

Some feedback from OnLine sales:

Thanks very much great product and service. Have used it and is just great would trade again. AAA+++    ragpet

Excellent service - we have already ordered another!   Mike5552

Very good trade great product great service    Arthur

I love the cap, really practical ! Thanks for a good trade and good luck for the future. Trogg

Fantastic product! Have bought 3 more from website as presents. quick A++ trade thanks   Looksee1

Really impressed by my 2C cap! It's good for reading in bed without disturbing my partner!   lr-art



KiaOra - Air New Zealand’s in flight magazine “...thoroughly recommends...”

Zacs Voyage - click to read more

Zac has been evaluating our products in some very extreme conditions and recently had this to say in his blog

“The other night at around 2:00am, the boat suddenly spun into the wind and when I got up to the cockpit I saw that the windvane wasn't doing it's job and the tiller arm was moving freely. I grabbed my Solar Light Cap (a very useful piece of gear. ) and saw that the two gears that connect the wind paddle to the paddle were in the water.”

[ We supported Zac in his journey, and are pleased the 2C Solar Light Cap is one piece of gear he can depend on ]

2C Saves the day, at night -
Zac Sunderland - youngest solo circumnavigator ?


Bob Parker - Mayor of Christchurch, NZ


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