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The premium Night Fishing Light

Have you ever had to stop your fishing enjoyment because its getting dark?

If you enjoy fishing  in the twilight, you may have already discovered the need for a hands free night fishing light.

Your fishing adventure doesn’t have to stop when the sun sets, because fishing in the twilight has been made easier with the 2C Solar Light Cap

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A night fishing light is essential for improving your safety and your skill to catch the big one.

The 2C Solar Light Cap is an ideal night fishing light, because you don’t need to remember to bring it - the cap is already being worn, and you don’t need to buy batteries - it charges its internal batteries while you wear it.

Proven by extreme adventurers who wear 2C as wilderness survival gear, or by campers who rely on 2C Solar Light Caps as solar camping lights, fishermen are also discovering the advantages of this brilliant three in one product:

  • A cap to protect you from the sun
  • A light to get home safely and help as a night fishing light
  • A built in charging system

Imagine having a hands free night fishing light available whenever and where ever you need it ... no batteries needed... a lighted hat that charges as you wear it through the day and that can provide free light all night - from your Solar Light Cap by 2C !

The 2C Solar Light Cap provides the perfect hands free light, that is not only effective but environmentally friendly as well.

Some of the fishing benefits of using a 2C Solar Light Cap:

  • The 2C Solar Light Cap has clean smooth computer designed edges so your line wont snag on your headlamp
  • The 2C Solar Light Cap projects the light right where you need it from your position, into your hands as your tie your flies, and about two meters in front of you when you walk
  • With advanced and innovative features installed, the 2C Solar Light Cap charges its internal batteries while you wear it, so there’s no need to go a find a light when you need it - you’re already wearing it!
  • And there’s no need to buy batteries - that’s one less thing to worry about when you head out for your fishing enjoyment.

Upgraded Night Fishing Light

Enjoy the complete interaction with nature by using this innovative, wearable green technology gadget that coordinates well with the environment around you. As you are fishing, the light from the sun is charging the 2C Solar Light Cap batteries making them ready for night use.

When the fish are biting at dusk, fishing doesn’t have to end because the 2C Solar Light Cap provides you with a good night fishing light to help you catch the bigger fish.

Brilliant Night Fishing Light

Imagine having a hands free light available wherever and whenever you need it, with absolutely no need for batteries, and all you have to do to get it charging up its internal batteries is simply putting the cap on your head and setting off in the daylight.

Some of the most recommended and popular 2C solar light caps are the Racer, Classic and Oasis. The 2C Solar Light Caps have produced tremendous improvements in fishing by providing the essential night fishing light.

If you are passionate about fishing then you need to include the 2C Solar Light Cap in your must carry list of fishing equipment for a safe and successful fishing adventure. Invest in a high quality, environmentally friendly and safe Night Fishing Light.

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2C Solar Light Cap - a brilliant night fishing light

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the 2C Solar Light Cap is recommended as a Night Fishing Light

OASIS: Sun protection by day on neck and ears, solar charged light ready when the fish start biting

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