2C Wearable Green Technology

The 2C Solar Light Cap integrates advanced power management using

More than a cap:  

Our Objective:
To develop advanced technological products that enhance people’s lives whilst being environmentally conscientious

2C_SLC_LED_LightIcon-2CandBSeen2 Ultra bright warm white LEDs

3 hours on full power.
All night light using dimmer.

Solar_Be_SeenIcon-SolarPoweredA large, flexible amorphous solar panel
Made in USA

Solar powered for independence and freedom.
Charges in sun or cloud.
Efficient manufacture using roll to roll process.


Icon-NoBattsNo Need to buy batteries

Save Money.
Good for the planet.
Long life batteries made from Nickel Metal Hydride.
No carbon dioxide emissions.
Years of light with no need to buy batteries.

Icon-WeatherproofSLC_Marine-288Waterproofing Technology

IP66 Certified

No Pollution

Disposal of numerous batteries is costly and wasteful, but also pollutive.  Just think of all those millions of AA batteries being disposed of into landfills every day !

With a solar rechargeable headlamp like the 2C Solar Light Cap, the batteries can last for years and years, providing light without battery replacement - an alternative renewable energy solution being charged from the limitless energy of the sun.

Solar_Camping_Lights-288No Fossil Fuels

Due to the severity of the global energy crisis and environmental pollution, photovoltaic systems have become one type of essential renewable energy source.

No fossil fuels are used to operate the 2C Solar Light Cap - it gets its power from the sun while it worn, or placed  in a window to charge.

2C can be used instead of lights in your home fueled by fossil fuels like coal or nuclear power.

Only light what you need - directly in front of you - with 2C Solar Light cap

Icon-MicroMicroprocessor Controlled

Every 2C Solar Light Cap contains an 8-bit microprocessor managing the power systems to provide the wearer with a years of reliable service and safety systems like the S.O.S morse code rescue signal, and reserve tank.

2C Involvement

2C Labs have calculated all the energy needed to manufacture and transport the 2C Solar Light Cap product to our customers, including all the nuclear or coal fueled electricity in the factories and the petrol used to transport our shipments. 

We estimate that by turning off your home lighting while you read our instruction manual using your 2C Solar Light Cap, that you will have recovered the carbon dioxide output during the production and shipment.

We need to cut down our use of fossil fuels & reduce carbon emissions.

Let’s help reduce climate change


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