2C - Proven in the Sahara whilst breaking records and raising funds for charity


All four men and their eight support/film crew are wearing 2C SLC750 Legionairres or SLC410 -Racer Solar Light Caps as protection from the extreme conditions of heat, wind and sand. As well as shielding their head and necks from the elements, the solar charged lights in the cap give them hands-free light through the night without having to change headgear, wear separate headlamps or worry about batteries.

The 2C Caps are IP66 certified which means they are completely sand and weather proof, with a sun protection rating of SPF50+.


They did it !

Breaking two records ( and some bones !)

The MadWaySouth team completed their expidition being the first to cross the Sahara by wind power alone, travelling further than ever before by wind buggy.

Their mission: racing their wind powered kite buggies 2,500 kilometres across desert from Morocco to Senegal, to raise funds for charity and for "road testing and demonstrating the effectiveness of survival and outdoor equipment whilst promoting eco-friendly, carbon neutral travel".

We were pleased to provide our 2C Solar Light Caps to support them in a most extreme test of their robustness and effectiveness.

The story of the expedition is one of courage, planning and exhiliration, which can best be explained with pictures.



Steve Gurney - nine-time world multisport champion

These are one of five essential pieces of equipment to take if we ever did the Sahara, or somewhere like it again.

The [2C Solar Light Caps] were a huge hit with the whole team – they all put their names on them and even after a month they were guarding them with their life.

Here is a use for the caps that is probably unique - we reluctantly used one to get us across the border - the police officer (horribly corrupt man he was!) saw our 2C hats on our heads and the others lined up on the dashboard of the car charging, and wanted one of those or several hundred dollars as a bribe to get through the police stop.

We were totally, totally amazed how well they were researched – the sun proof resistance of the fabric, and the wrap around the front was really useful.

We used them every night !

Craig Hansen

We found them to be exceptionally robust – we brutalized them for a month in the desert and they were bright enough and never ran out of light.

There were five things on this adventure without which we would not have been so successful, and the [Solar Light] caps was one of them.

These hats are serious adventure gear, they replace at least three items in your pack - head torch, batteries and hat (if you’re using rechargeable batteries then the charger as well) - with one practical item. That’s a significant saving to the amount of stuff you have to carry.

They just worked which made life so much easier – we just picked up the hat, go hard through the day traveling for 18 hours, and then when night came they were fully charged up so we never needed to worry about having light.

The hands free operation of the lights was very very useful.  They were always to hand ready to go, providing light whenever needed.  When traveling at speeds of 50kmh on a wind powered buggy at night, we used bright halogen lights for navigating obstacles, but these are a constant drain on our limited resources, so as soon as we stopped we would use the 2C Solar Light Caps for all other lighting needs.  In fact we used them at night on their flashing setting, pointing backwards to ensure vehicles would not run into our rear – they were very visible.

The [SLC750] style was so excellent – it can be deployed in so many different ways, tucked up under the glasses, as a pony tail, and act as neck protector much more effectively than a wide brimmed hat.  The use of push studs is much better than Velcro because they don’t catch the dirt, rust or irritate the skin.  The material stays dry and protects our sun sensitive skin so well which is needed because of the malaria tablets we were taking increasing skin sensitivity to sun.

Geoff Wilson

Firstly a huge thank you for letting us use your product and for your support of the expedition - I am very glad you got to see the Ch 7 story and got some product exposure as well. 

 "The 2C Solar Light Caps where a great asset on the MadWaySouth expedition to the Sahara desert. With no shortage of sunlight for recharging - each night the bright lights on the caps made late arrivals and digging around camp for gear easy and painless. The sun protection during the day, especially with the side flaps was exceptional and I certainly would not expedition again without a 2C Cap. I am sure that any test we could as a team put them through they would triumph and come out as one of our essential pieces of kit going forward - Thank you 2C !" Geoff Wilson (MWS 2009)

Garth Freeman

I loved it

 – keeping the sun off my neck during the day, and you can wet them down to keep you cool and when we came in to camp at night they were excellent for making up our tents and packing up our kite ready for the next day

They never ran out of light, plenty for our needs, and the bright flashing mode was really useful for facing backwards to protect us from other traffic while we were using the road through the land-mined area.

Thank you so much – they were such an asset.

Hugo Fitzsimmons – Film Crew

“One of the finds of the trip.”

I've just been wearing one of your hats for the last 34 days in a row while I crossed the Sahara desert with Steve Gurney! I was part of the film crew recording it for the documentary series.

The hats turned out to be one of the finds of the trip. Not only did we find them invaluable but most of the locals wanted to get their hands on one as well! So thanks for letting us use them

Testimonials on 2C Solar Light Caps from the team

IP66 Certification

We were pleased we developed our 2C Light product with an IP66 rating for dust and weather protection, to be able to be tough enough equipment for extreme adventurers in extreme conditons.


2C and MadWaySouth’s Sahara Crossing



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