In Q3, 2010, 2C Light Company were proud to supply Solar Light Caps to Yamaha Japan, to be sold through their marine and motorcycle brands, Y’s Gear.

We are told that they will be very useful on the boat at night and for improving safety for motorcyclists.

They will be very useful to check oil, batteries,  and electric board in the night.

We have also heard from Japan that there are plans for a  group of people who are volunteering to clean Mt Fuji and want to use the product.

Sales of the 2C SLC through Yamaha outlets has begun.


Pictured are Mr. Miyahara and Mr. Noro of Y’s Gear who is very happy to complete negotiations for supply of 2C SLC.     Photo Kenny Matsuda

Supply to Yamaha - Y’s Gear

Recreation - NZ Outdoor Adventure EXPO

We very pleased to have Steve Gurney share our stand as we made the New Zealand launch of our new Oasis style Solar Light Cap. 

Recall Steve Gurney demonstrated sustainable travel by crossing the Sahara desert using only wind power.  In earlier days Steve won the NZ Coast to Coast 9 times.  He is seen here making the show prize draw for 2C Solar Light Caps with EM ‘Power Girl’ who has won the Coast 2 Coast 3 times!
Winners were Stacey Frusher, Ken Carter, and Sean Wilson

Steve Gurney and Em 'Power Girl'

Adventurer Steve Gurney and Em the ‘Power Girl’ have fun during our prize draw

The 2C Oasis can adjust to fit 3 year olds to 103 or more


Earthquake !!

“One of our 2C Solar Light Caps was close at hand when the quake hit as I had been using it to read my book in bed. We had some broken glass on the bedroom floor and the dog was in there with us. Having light instantly saved both us and the dog from possible injury and continued to give us comforting light until the sun came up.”

Gina Payne  (Reprinted from the Christchurch Press)

“One of the Locomotive Engineers had his by the bed. After the shake, with the house coming down around his ears, he donned the hat, and was able to quickly find his children and exit the place. He credits your hat as saving them from injury and possibly worse.”

Lindsay Gough

“Sooooooo handy in earthquake, handy everywhere actually, but a godsend Saturday 4.35 am. Cheers.”

Lundy Bell

2C-Clock fell and stopped during eathquake
Firemen remove our earthquake damaged chimney

with Steve Gurney - Adventure Racer/Innovator/Motivator, and emily - ‘power girl’

Thanks again for all the thoughtful correspondence. Check these stories from local customers:



Earth Hour 2010

Steve Gurney’s new windy adventure


Steve certainly is a man of action, and with his support team and kite making friend, Peter Lynn, they are seen here getting ready to attempt the land speed record for kite buggies

Once again the people of New Zealand and the world turned off their lights for an hour to focus on reducing climate change, pollution and use of fossil fuels.

What I cant understand is why they often light candles which are not a cleaner energy source.

We celebrated with an Earth Hour party, lit only by 2C Solar Light Caps, recorded here as part of our Student Video competition.  Please rate it !

Wellington Boat Show- August 2010

We met a really fantastic and enthusiastic crowd - some who had never seen the 2C Solar Light Cap, and others who owned them and again told us how much they loved them.  We hear that alot

Many thanks to Anya, the Buff distributor who drew our prize draw winners.

Winners were:

Mike Smeets, Paul Olsen, Al Miller


Consensus Green Tech Commendation


I really like the product and I am sure it will go far”
Melissa Neighbour
, Sustainability Manager, LJ Hooker  and one of 12 Consensus Awards Judges

More... on the Consensus website


The judges valued the safety & efficiency...

Deloittes Fast 50
New Zealand

Deloittes Fast 500
Asia Pacific

Fast 50 logo 2010 - reversed-noBG

We are extremely pleased to be recognised by Deloittes as the 27th fastest growing company in New Zealand, and the 111th fastest growing company in the Asia Pacific region, based on the last 3 fiscal years.

Many thanks to all our supporters, customers and resellers worldwide without whom this could’nt happen. 
Likewise we wish to thank the people at Deloittes for acknowledging us with these prestigious awards.


SOME Awards in 2010

Nepalese Launch


Congratulations to our new distributor in Nepal, TSN Corporation, on their very innovative product launch held at the Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, which was very well attended by media and celebrities, It was a great success, bringing a product of this kind to the people of Nepal where there are many power cuts .

New market - Travel

Our promotional twins, Vanessa and Teresa with all new imagery and point of sale presentations in the Sydney Duty Free stores.


News about 2C  Emergency essentials for everyone - To see

May 2012
2C Solar Light cap recognised as essential survival gear.  News Release here

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June 2013
News release: 2C Light Company is pleased to announce a new venture with EVCO Plastics. more...

Robin cooking dinner using 2C Solar Light Cap- Oasis Style
Protection from the sun, and no batteries to  carry
Chris enjoys the freedom of 2C SLC
Chris likes the protection of the 2C SLC
7 Days 7 Emirates trekking and the 2C Solar Light Cap Oasis helps to raise $21,000 for the Japanese Tsunami Victims

Robin Visser and Christophe Berthomier successfully completed a trek through the 7 Emirates of the UAE in 7 days and raised $21,000 for the Japanese Tsunami Victims.

They both really liked the caps and it helped them a lot on their journey, “the hat is brilliant, I wore it all the time” was just one of the things Robin Visser had to say. Christophe Berthomier said “the caps are great and we really put them to the test. Comfortable, light and very convenient at night as the lights work very well and last longer than we had expected”

7 Emirate Trek Fundraiser

Celebrities dug deep on Tuesday to send 2C Solar Light Caps to Japanese children orphaned by the recent tsunami.

The HOPE For Orphans Japan fundraising event at Tokomona restaurant in Surrey Hills, has raised a total of over $76,000 to support orphanages in a remote area of Iwate Prefecture. The night was supported by personalities including Liam Neeson, Jimmy Barnes, Sam Neill, fashion designer Akira Isogawa, and rugby legend George Gregan, to name but a few.

At the fundraising event a Solar Light Cap auction was led by Australian actor Bryan Brown. He asked attendees to buy the award-winning GreenTech caps for Japanese orphans, whose lives have been torn apart by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Under the spotlight of his own 2C, he passed caps round the restaurant to come back filled with cash. A born-and-bred Aussie, Brown quipped, “Where some countries invent penicillin, New Zealanders invent Solar Light Caps”      more

June 2011
Celebrities bring Ray of Hope for Japanese tsunami child victims

The MadwaySouth Team

Madwaysouth’s amazing sahara challenge

Before the Mad Way South crew, no one had attempted to cross the Sahara desert by wind power alone.

Few would be crazy enough to believe that it could even be achieved. The   Mad Way South team comprised of four adventure junkies as they race their Kite Buggies across 2200 kilometres of the Sahara desert, accompanied by their trusty 2C Solar Light Caps.

Read more about their story here


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