Often darkness arrives unexpectedly when you are out enjoying yourself.  Do you worry about the dangers of getting caught in the dark, of not being able to see or be seen when walking at night?

With the Solar Light Cap, by 2C, you can have cost free lighting built into your clothes - that will always be ready - it’s one less thing to worry about !

Built in to the single switch control, there is a variable dimmer for social and power conserving needs, and with a simple double click you may access one of three  high visibility flashing modes, which you control. It turns the 2C SLC into a flashing safety light.   These include a mixed fast/slow flash, for maximum visibility, and an accurate SOS flash to alert rescue teams to your location, should it be needed, and also a rapid stroboscopic flash.

The 2C Solar Light Cap is better than a reflective safety vest or many other safety clothing options for night activities, because it is an active lighting system. Furthermore it is integrated into your cap - this safety light is more likely to be with you when light is unexpectedly needed.

As a safety light, you will be seen when walking you pet at night.

These give you the choice to make absolutely sure you will be seen in the dark !

For walking your dog at dusk or at night, the 2C Solar Light Cap is a exceptional, potential life saver - you can see and be seen !

2C Safety & Survival Gear - a solar charged light

Recommended for Hiking
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RACER -multipurpose microfibre. Light weight and comfortable. Hi-Viz to be seen day and night


RACER -multipurpose microfibre. Light weight and comfortable. Deep sea blue

All survival styles include the integrated SOS rescue flash, all night dimmer mode and 3 years of independence with solar charged light

Why upgrade to Solar ?
2C Solar Light Cap Specifications
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Natural disasters often happen unexpectedly and it is important to be prepared with the basic necessities of life - food, shelter and light to find your way.

A solar charged light gives the best opportunity for survival, especially when there is loss of infrastructure and electrical power. 

The 2C Solar Light cap charges each day using the infinite power of the sun.  With the US made amorphous solar panel you can even charge in cloudy conditions, and the durability of IP66 rating gives great confidence and independence.

Add one to your survival gear checklist today, or wear one on your head so you will always have light when you need it. Three years of light, or more, without the need for batteries !

Safety after dark - See and be seen.

Survival Gear - light when you need it, for your emergency essentialS

After the shake, with the house coming down around my ears, I grabbed my hat, and was able to quickly find my children and exit the place. I credit the hat as saving them from injury and possibly worse.” Lindsay Gough, Christchurch New Zealand


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