Managing Director, Founder and Senior R&D engineer, 2C Light Company Limited
  • Created TOR Design Limited, dedicated to developing environmentally and socially conscientious products that enhance peoples lives
  • Trimble Navigation – 10 years as Software Manager, developing GPS products including vehicle guidance and the GeoExplorer Series. See Sales to date exceed US$59million per year.
    See it featured in the movie “Day After Tomorrow” with Dennis Quaid here
  • Software Engineer and Producer of interactive multimedia titles with Beam Software (aka Melbourne House) for customers like Interplay and Electronic Arts
    Titles included the early 3D game, Lost Vikings 2
    Link to Bio
  • ScienceWorks Australia Traveling road show multimedia presentation which involved interfacing of separate technology to immerse the user in an audiovisual experience which could then be taken away on videotape.
  • Successful entrant in IEEE sponsored Australian Micro Mouse Competition, navigation of learnt maze.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science specialising in Digital Technology and Robotics, Monash University
  • Computer Studies tutor
  • Retail Manager
  • Manager of Motorcycle and Bicycle helmet manufacturing company, Speedway Helmets Ltd.
Simon Dyer 2C Solar Light Cap innovator
IEEE Mouse Competition Entry
GeoExplorer Robust GPS PocketPC

About Simon Dyer - Founder, CEO, Innovator

Simon Dyer wears 2C Solar Light Cap - hands free light without the need for batteries
2C-SolarDrone - latest project - click for more
2C-SolarDrone - latest project - click for more
Latest R&D Project - low cost commercially viable solar powered Drone ( Unmaned Aerial Vehicle )

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